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Un-bleached Tea Coffee Herb Bags sack filters 100 x 2-4 Cup (£7.92 + VAT)


  • Ideal for large cups and 2 to 4 Cup Teapots or Jugs ( Approximately 160mm x 80mm) extra wide gusset in the bottom to allow for expansion and best infusion results.
  • Easy to use and dispose of.
  • Unbleached and Heat sealable for extra convenience and long filling tongue.
  • Allows you to use your favourite loose-leaf tea or ground coffee with convenience.
  • German quality made from sustainable pulpwood paper
  • Very handy for serving Green, White or Oolong as these can all be re-infused 3 to 4 times each.
  • Great for cooking when hanging herbs etc.
  • Prepack and seal the bags when going away, make up enough bags and keep them in one of our Airseal caddies until needed.
  • We also have 4 to 8 Cup large teapot size available
  • Directions of use. Fill the bag with the required amount,to seal fold down the flap and use a heat sealer, or cover the edge with a piece of print-free paper and run the edge of a domestic iron on a medium to hot setting (no steam) across the top of the bag.

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Customer Reviews

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Anne Daniel (Brighton, GB)
Just what I needed in the kitchen

I used to put loose tea in the pot (or even in a mug) and spent time picking out the leaves. The bags are perfect - for a crowd or a simple cuppa. I'm telling all my friends.

Angela Williams (London, GB)
Good service

I have been using tea bags from Teacakes of Yorkshire for a few years now. I've never had one burst or leak. The price is reasonable and l receive my orders quickly. Thank you.

Safiyyah (Aylesbury, GB)
Really large! I can fit everything in!

These are lovely. They are so large I can put anything that I want in them. The fact that they are unbleached gives me peace of mind that I am not ingesting chemicals I do not want.

If you leave the bag in the pot for a day it does not fall apart!

Sam Brown (Chippenham, GB)
Paper teabags

Paper bags as described (not the non woven synthetic material more generally advertised) No strings, just the right size for a small/med pot or large mug and delivered in good time

Nevil Smith (Oxford, GB)
Handy product

I use these bags daily when I can't buy them locally.

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