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Loose Leaf Tea Reviews for TeaCakes of Yorkshire
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Excellent service and product. So much nicer to talk to someone.

Delicous tea

I switch between the Blue Sapphire and this Courtlodge tea. I drink this one a bit stronger, but still black, and it is truly wonderful.

This is my favourite tea

I drink tea black and pale. This is the perfect refreshing tea - enough body to know you're drinking tea not hot water and the most beautiful flavour.

Just what I needed in the kitchen

I used to put loose tea in the pot (or even in a mug) and spent time picking out the leaves. The bags are perfect - for a crowd or a simple cuppa. I'm telling all my friends.

Unbelievably Fast Delivery

What I'm wondering is do you have a plane standing by to fly my tea over and then a motorbike courier waiting to delivery it to my door? Delivery is so very fast! Thank goodness because I only had a couple of cups left when I realised I had forgotten to place my usual order. Placed order yesterday and it arrived at midday - amazing.

Jasmine Blossom Tea Green Loose Leaf 1kg 1000g
Christopher Littler (Glasgow, GB)
Loved it immediately

They popped a sample of this tea in my order for Darjeeling. I tried it straight away and loved it. Put in an order for 1kg and it came within the next day or two. Great service.

Delicious Earl Grey

Lovely tea, and arrived very quickly after ordering.

Much better than bags!

My regular supermarket used to sell loos Lapsang Souchong, but now only offers it in teabags, which are made by a well-known brand, but are generally filled with what can only be described as tea dust. It's wonderful to be able to buy loose tea again - especially when it is of such good quality. The taste is SO much better!

Wonderful loose tea!

Excellent loose tea - our first thing in the morning drink of choice!

Teacakes own decaf tea

Best decaf tea. Delicate tea flavour and will continue to buy this. Excellent service and quick delivery. Thank you.

A pleasing decaf tea.

I have tried many decaffeinated teas and this is my new favourite.

Jasmine Pearls Tea Green Taster Sample Rolled 10g
Tricia Blackwell (Eastbourne, GB)

I love Jasmine tea and always have it when I go out for a meal. Not being out for the last few years, I went out and we had a pot of this fragrant-smelling tea. The next day I was on a mission to find the real thing and guess what I landed on the ideal place "Teacakes of Yorkshire" I was rewarded - bliss

Margaret's Hope Darjeeling

Great muscatel wine flavours!

Breakfast Tea

Having ordered spicced and flavoured teas earlier in the year I decided to try Breakfast Tea and am very pleased with it. Very fast delivery too.

Good service

I have been using tea bags from Teacakes of Yorkshire for a few years now. I've never had one burst or leak. The price is reasonable and l receive my orders quickly. Thank you.

Excellent service

I was expecting to have to wait a few days for my tea but it arrived next day. What excellent service- and the tea is good too!

A really delicious tea full of flavour and with a wonderful aroma - which I recommended to friends

Margarets Hope Tea Darjeeling Various Multi Sizes
Stephen Boyd Davis (Stoke Newington, GB)
Delicious tea, in so many ways

We drink this at breakfast, brewed for quite a long time, just adding a tiny splash of milk. And in the afternoon black, the first cup poured almost straight off the leaves and a second cup obviously brewed a bit longer. It's refreshing, aromatic, tasty in all these different styles.

Quality tea

Lovely quality tea, delicious and well packaged. Arrived promptly with free delivery as standard.

Our ‘Go to’ morning tea.

A re-order so a choice we are more than happy with.

Interesting blend

Chamomile tea is an old favourite and who can forget Peter Rabbit being infused with this tea by his mother when he was feeling poorly. For me personally, this tea always tasted a bit too medicinal, but this blend with lemongrass is interesting. The lemongrass adds a pleasing zesty citrus contrast to the more earthy chamomile and this combination results in an enhanced flavour with more character.

Lovely tea and a great service

Regular customer and very happy with the service

Amazing tea

The blue sapphire tea is lovely. It’s wonderfully flavoured. I reuse the tealeaves a few times and it still tastes great after three or four brews.

Lemon decaf green tea

Best decaf green tea I have tasted. Definitely will order more. Good service and enjoy the taster tea sent with the order.

Great Lapsang

Excellent product and service. Thoroughly recommend.



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