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Loose Leaf Tea Reviews for TeaCakes of Yorkshire
Based on 361 reviews
Great decaf

I tried lots of places to find decaf tea and finally found this one. Great flavour. Just wished you could buy it in larger amounts. Recommended.


Lovely tea. Exploring loose leaf tea because trying to avoid the plastic in teabags. Will buy again. (Just wish it was slightly cheaper)

Tasty tea

Very pleased with my first order of decaffeinated Earl Grey which is fragrant and tasty.

My favourite tea

You can pay a great deal more for tea that is nowhere near as nice as this. The team contains plenty of jasmine blossom, so not just tea that is infused, it contains the jasmine flowers themselves and there is no shortage of them. It's a great tea at a good price. Thank you Teacakes!

Best tasting decaf loose leaf tea.

Without doubt this is the best tasting and economical decaffeinated loose leaf tea I have tried. Helping me save the world by cutting down on plastic found in teabags. Highly recommended.

Superb; a loose leave Earl Grey for the evenings

Gunpowder Tea

Really beautiful tea, lovely flavour, Crystal clear when made with fresh boiling water. Beautiful packaging and arrived in perfect condition. I will be ordering again. Thank you very much 🤗

best decaf tea ever tasted

This caddy sits with the teacakes own, and may days I prefer the decaf. full taste, decent price for a decaf, service always perfect, fast and well packed and the free samples mixed up and a good intro to different things. thankyou.

lovely with a sweet treat

discovered this tea partners really well with a slice of jam sponge. quite moreish. makes a good "smoke" dry with salmon etc too.

lovely big teabags

great size for a teabag / herb bag. my husband likes herbs but hates finding bits of rosemary in his (old ) teeth so these are useful for doing a single tea for me or herb infusing when you dont want to bite on the odd clove or cardamon by accident. big enough for the infusion to work well. oh and work sealed or not..

useful little foil bags

bought these to give a sample of tea in a teacup gift for friends. sealed well with domestic heat sealer. will also use larger ones to store home made veggy crisps oven dried. very happy

Blue sapphire in gift set

I ordered this by mistake ! I was intending the order decaf earl grey but mixed up the ‘blue’ in this teas with the blue colour of the petals in the earl grey. This has been a good mistake as I love the taste of the Blue Sapphire. I also like the fact that it has a very high antioxidant content. It looks good, tasted good and does me good.....
I love the way the presentation box is constructed and like the spoon and strainer. Definitely add to my rituals of leaf tea drinking.
I WILL order the decaf earl grey ....!
Thank you for great customer service

Decaf breakfast tea

Don’t usually enjoy tea other than lapsang or earl grey. As I prefer decaf and am definitely a leaf tea fan decide to give this a go. So as a persisten non committed ‘normal’ tea fan I am pleasantly surprised. For me, the slightly less punchy and what I find bitter taste suits.
Excellent service from the company and an amazing choice of products

Lapsang Souchong

Not sure about my reaction to this. The first pot I made was too weak. Several pots since than and still not sure. As I believe that taste buds are so individual I’m not sure how an individual reaction is or is not helpful.
Certainly excellent service from the company and I have tried 2 other teas with more certain reactions from me.

Black air seal tea caddy

Looks good, does what is described on the website. Very happy with the product.

A treat one can have every day.

I have enjoyed a pot of rose tea for many years, most afternoons. An an insulin dependant diabetic, tea is a treat I can have safely and really take pleasure in. This tea from Teacakes of Yorkshire is the best I have tasted. It is floral yes and just brewed it is delicate but allowed some time it becomes robust without being bitter. I love it through all its levels of strength and will happily sit and drink the pot to the bottom.

Disappointed with getting the right strength

Excellent and easy website. Really struggled to get the right strength. Brilliant delivery service. The caddy and spoon are excellent quality.

Good tea

What more is there to say?

My Order for Quangzhou Milk Oolong

This was a repeat order because we enjoy Quangzhou Milk Oolong so much
Delivery was much quicker than we expected

I use both the English breakfast organic and the English breakfast decaff, both are really excellent teas, I am very satisfied with the service

Different and decadent

Never tried this tea before but it’s shot straight into my favourites with its rich and indulgent flavour. If you like Rooibos then you should definitely try this.

Great tasting tea

Ordered a couple of different types of tea, they arrived the next day. Both are really good quality teas with nice big leaves. I need to order more again already!

I love my tea bags they look great and they work, and I also use them for coffee. I am very happy with and wouldn't use anything else.
Sue x


Tea and service excellent as always

Really very nice indeed

Just the right level of bergamot, flavour perfect, I could drink this till I burst.



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