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Loose Leaf Tea Reviews for TeaCakes of Yorkshire
Based on 620 reviews
Distinct rose flavour anmd aroma

Unlikethe rose congou or rose pouchong sold by some other suppliers, this has a really distinct rose flavour and aroma. Quite 'scenty', as you might expect, but it makes a refreshing change for an afternoon tea.

Very good

Our favourite tea, now in its own caddy. We find we use it even more, as it stands out and reminds us. Delivery was very quick.

Great jasmine green tea

Nice jasmine green tea at a good price. Delivery was very fast. Thank you very much for the free sample. Highly recommended. Would buy again.
Thank you very much

Light & refreshing

Lovely tea. Light, refreshing & full of flavour. Thank you.

Fantastic tea

This Jasmine tea is gorgeous. I’ve tried a few over the years but this has a depth of flavour unlike others. Would highly recommend

Delicious tea

Really good tea, my go-to for over 6 months now - great value for the quality.

Quick caravan

Topped up our previous supply of Russian Caravan which we are really enjoying. Looking forward to trying the sample pack.
Excellent fast delivery service and well packed parcel. Will be sure to reorder again.

For the visitors

This is the tea I give to visitors who ask for a ‘normal cup’ and generally it seems to be appreciated ✔️

My usual brew

Excellent as always and great service to boot 👍

A very good buy

Terrific quality tea, clever and quick delivery and super customer service.

Lovely Delicate Flavour

The loose leaf Earl Grey is a refreshing drink and a great drink to start the day!

Equilibrio perfecto

Soy consumidor de té desde muy joven, y he probado infinidad de variedades y marcas. No me importaría considerar perfecta esta mezcla: sabor lo justo de robusto para empezar el día pero también para el resto de la jornada, sin amargar nada; ya el olor al abrir el envase (muy bueno para conservarlo bien) te dice que va a ser algo especial. Viene la hoja perfectamente troceada (no pulverizada como en otras marcas) para que no se forme ese polvillo tan molesto en el fondo de la taza y que acaba amargando el sabor. Enhorabuena, un té perfecto.

Great containers

I bought some of these before and found them very useful for my husband's tea. I've now bought some more to use for various other items, like flax seeds. They have a very satisfying mechanism for keeping themselves closed and also loo elegant on our shelves.
Not only that but they arrived sooner than I was expecting. I think some of the packaging was plastic, so my only suggestion for an improvement would be to use something more planet friendly for that.

Best tasting Earl Grey I have ever found or tasted

Discovered Teacakes a few years ago now when our previous supplier upper their prices by a chunk. My wife and I drink nothing but Earl Grey as we don't drink milk at all and ordinary teas need something to disguise the bitterness. Teacakes prices are competitive, and of course northern based and we prefer to sponsor local enterprises. I would recommend this blend to any Earl Grey drinker, you won't find better!

Powerful taste

Thanks for
Teacakes of Yorkshire

great quality product, fast delivery

perfect for sending small samples of loose teas out to clients -will certainly use again

Great tasting decaf last

We keep buying the Decaf English Breakfast from these guys because it tastes great and the service is brilliant. We tried a few others before landing on these and nothing tasted as good.

We don’t buy tea from anyone else now.

Smooth taste

This was the best value I could find for a decaffeinated tea with full flavour.

Great tea

A really good & tasty breakfast tea. I would highly recommend.

Excellent tea

Lovely Darjeeling tea. Full of flavour.
Thank you

Great starter

I ordered as I wasn't sure what tea I wanted to drink. Great selection, quickly delivered.

Top Quality

My wife had Rose Congou tea in a tea shop and I managed to track it down to Tea Cakes of York. We have tried other versions of Rose Congou tea but this one is peerless

The Best

I have enjoyed Earl Grey tea for years, the the flavour changed that's when I had to look around for something to replace my favourtite drink with. I came across this company on Ebay. Now I am in my seventh heaven. I very much recommend at least trying this tea from Teacakes

Good Service

I have been ordering this product from the company for a while now. It is always promptly delivered. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the taste as we get it for my wife but it brews to a good clolur and my wife likes it.

soothing and comforting

I was first bought this tea as a present from my daughter, and it totally changed the way I thought of tea. It is very mellow and fragrant, and gives at least 3 good cups of tea from one serving, the best tea ever.



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