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Loose Leaf Tea Reviews for TeaCakes of Yorkshire
Based on 322 reviews
Great tea and no bags!

It's great to be able to order decaf tea without bags - less waste and I only use what I need, which for me is not much as I like my tea very weak! Always good service and orders arrive promptly. Nice flavour too.

Very nice indeed

I could drink a lot of this very easily. The smoky flavour is so very refreshing.
Really good quick delivery too to get me my fix quickly!

Love it

A beautifully crafted, stylish way of accurately measuring tea. Perfect fit for my tea caddy. Thinking of getting another for my tea stash at work.

decaf tea

This is the third purchase from Teacakes for decaff tea. As usual the tea arrives very quickly, well packaged. This is a very fine tea - by fine I mean the size of the particles - however we've found that it does not distract from the flavour and the fact that it is fine allows my husband to use it on the garden when we are finished with the tea leaves. Very happy with the quality, service and price. We are still using up teabags at our caravan and can't wait for them to be finally gone - taste is so inferior to the loose tea!!! Thanks again to you Teacakes.

I discovered Russian caravan tea by accident and absolutely love it. It’s become my staple black tea and love the fact I can order it 1kg at a time

Great selection for making decisions

I couldn't have loved this pack more - fantastic range, enough to get more than one cup from each to try, and it's already made me order big sizes of two if the samples and I've not even tried them all yet.
Also loved the really quick service.

Smoky amazing!!

I wasn't sure how I'd like this tea cause of initial smell but I loved it!! A spoon full of honey emphasizes the flavor profile amazingly!

We love this tea

We have used this decaff tea for several years now, and would definitely not buy our tea elsewhere. The tea is delicious, and the service given remarkable and swift. We would recommend “TeaCakes of Yorkshire” to everyone.

Earl Gray

Really exquisite flavor! Balanced and smooth.


This tea came as a sample with my recent order. It is beautiful, light & refreshing. It will definitely be on my next order. Thank you 😊

Simply delicious

As a confirmed builder's tea drinker and not previously a fan of any flavoured or herbal teas, discovering this Rosey Lee has been an absolute revelation. Absolutely delicious hot and makes a great iced tea for the summer. Totally addicted!

Fantastic tea

Best decaf loose leaf tea I've tried.
Defiantly recommend it.

Delicious tea

I gave up coffee for lent and bought this green tea to help me get through lent. Lent is now over and I’m sticking with this tea! It’s delicious - one teaspoon of leaves gives you two or three cups of tea.

Wonderful Rooibos

It's tricky to find loose Rooibos so I was very happy to have found this delicious tea. Lovely comforting flavour with hints of vanilla. Nice strength and colour.

Nice but mild flavour.

The Decaf English Breakfast tea had a nice flavour but wasn't strong enough in flavour or colour for me. If you like your tea weaker I'd recommend this if not I'd go for the Decaf Black Tea.

Great flavour

I only drink caffeine free teas so have tried quite a few and this one was the best. Strong but not too strong, great taste, brews quickly, refreshing. I will be ordering again.


Trovo questo tè ottimo: un gusto pieno e forte. Per me è l'ideale per iniziare la giornata!


This is my new favourite evening tipple, the scent is divine and it really lifts my spirits and helps me to relax. I honestly don't think many people would know this was a decaffeinated Earl Grey-it really is that good. Another great tea from this fabulous company.

Great Present

Bought as a Mother's day gift. The set came in environmentally friendly packaging and a lovely bow around it. My mum loves Blue Sapphire Tea and was delighted with the gift.

Fab decaf green tea

This is the only place I have found that I can buy decent decaf leaf green tea. having said that, I haven't looked for the last couple of years as this product is great. Taste is really good, lasts for ages and the delivery is really efficient. I use a defuser and these leaves last at least 4-5 cups depending on how much I put in the defuser of course. Give it a go ...

Floral, fragrant, afternoonish

This came in good condition and is certainly floral and fragrant. Sadly, for me, too much so for my morning hit (I have two or three pots, so you can see why I need decaff!) Though, it is a pleasant afternoon or evening brew. But only one cup.

Tea Total

Teacake's "black decaffeinated" is a strong, full bodied tea with a bit more depth and colour than the standard decaff

Great healthy tea in great size

I drink rooibos tea on a daily basis so I need to buy this in decent quantities. My previous supplier ceased to provide 1kg packages so I found TeaCakes of Yorkshire as a new source. Tea strands are shorter than I have been used to and this seems to result in a quicker infusion. Lovely tea, well balanced, not too sweet or any overwhelming flavours. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone who has not tasted or has only used tea bags to date. Give it a try. My wife even has hers with milk! Not my cuppa tea but its your choice and its good for you. Ideal to use with Forlife Stump Infusion teapot or similar. Well done to TeaCakes of Yorkshire for stocking in this larger size.

Fantastic Decaffeinated Loose Leaf Tea

This is by far my favourite loose leaf decaffeinated tea. The English Breakfast blend is delicious and raises it above bog standard decaffeinated tea alternatives. In my drive to reduce my use of plastics (tea bags contain plastic) this is the best tasting, reasonably priced loose leaf decaffeinated tea available.

Great Caddy Spoon

Ideal loose leaf tea measuring spoon. High quality design that fits perfectly in my tea caddy. The amount of tea it measures results in a perfect cup of tea.



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