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Loose Leaf Tea Reviews for TeaCakes of Yorkshire
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Really good tea

A good tea to brew and drink, you can taste the citrus notes.


My daughter came to me brimming with joy at the news of her pregnancy then promptly burst into tears at the prospect of months of lacklustre branded decaf tea. I made her a cup of Teacakes Own decaf and a smile broke across her face in the realisation that decaf can still be a wonderful cup of tea and that everything will be alright. I know it was just a cup of tea but with Teacakes it's never just a cup of tea.

Great decaf tea

My husband and I have found we are calmer and happier without caffeine. This tea is the best tasting I have found. I believe it uses the water method to remove caffeine as well.

My favourite

Really lovely well rounded tea - the cornflowers add a lovely soft mellow flavour and looks pretty too! Ordering and delivery fast and easy. Good value for a specialist tea and love the caddy. Have purchased this tea twice now - I love trying new teas and this is my only second purchase ever!

Lovely morning tea

We love this tea. One of my children drinks this black with a bit of sugar. I enjoy it with a spot of milk. Lovely floral tea for the morning!

Black Compressed Hubei Tea Brick Small 500g
Carol Jamieson (Grange-over-Sands, GB)
Beautiful tea brick

Beautifully decorated compressed brick of tea. Perfectly delivered, no damage at all. Will be used to describe a history of tea drinking in England and is a perfect prop.

Love this tea and have ordered multiple times

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea Flavoured Leaf 100g
Chris Colborne (Bristol, GB)

Great taste.

Good quality tea

Great flavour, floral and citrusy.

Brilliantly different

Best Earl Grey I have come across that I now drink all day every day. There is no way you would guess it was decaffeinated.

African Blue Sapphire

Was taken aback to see the price escalation of Ceylon Blue Sapphire since I last bought it from a Teacakes competitor (and their minimum order quantity - 1 kg). So having shopped around found an African variant available in more reasonable sale quantities at hitherto unknown to me supplier Teacakes. So I bought some on spec.. to try it. I'm not a tea sommelier but couldn't taste any difference between the Ceylon and African. Anyway, Teacakes price is very good, their customer service extremely prompt, and advice re storage, etc. sound. The African is delicious. And I even received a free sample of another tea! I recommend them.

Lovely cuppa

A good, rounded flavour and good colour. Very pleased with this tea and will buy again.

Who would know it’s decaf

A full of flavour tea. You would not know that it’s decaf. It’s my go to tea in the afternoon. As always teacakes delivery was fast.


A little gift for my daughter of her most favourite tea. It’s delicious

Really excellent tea, supplied fresh and efficiently

Fantastic tea

Absolutely love this tea, great quality and fast service

Excellent Tea

Excellent Tea as always from Teacakes of Yorkshire and with prompt delivery.

Black Loose Leaf Tea Lapsang Souchong Butterfly Multi Sizes
Anthony Gibson (Grange-over-Sands, GB)
Superb tea

The tea is terrific quality and superbly fragrant. It is also presented in most excellent packaging.

Kyushu Sencha green tea

This decaffeinated green tea has a beautiful light refreshing flavour, one of the nicest green teas I have tasted, would definitely recommend. Packaged well and delivered promptly.

Earl Grey Black Tea Flavoured Loose Leaf Multi Sizes
Gillian Bickerstaffe (Cambridge, GB)
So far - so good

Our daughter recommended your company - her family have the same tea ( Earl Grey ) though they drink decaffeinated.
Delivery was very quick - we will order a larger quantity next time?
The tea tastes delicious.

Love the tea and the quick delivery. Great value for money for those who want to enjoy high quality great tea everyday

Useful tea caddy

Arrived promptly (2 days after ordering) and is a good quality product. Easily holds a 250 gm packet of small-leaf black tea. The only reservation I have is the £1.99 added to the price for "taxes" although the original price was quoted as including VAT. I've never come across a 20% tax in addition to VAT on any other product bought from the Net.

I buy regularly from teacakes, of Yorkshire. The website is easy to use. It enables me to find my favourite teas easily.
The packaging is neat and delivery is speedy.
I am very impressed with the overall service provided.
Christopher Smith

Teacakes of Yorkshire

My body can no longer tolerate caffeine. Also, I’m an addict, so if I drink decaffeinated coffee I then drink caffeinated coffee, then consume masses of sweet stuff.
I’ve now discovered TeaCakes of Yorkshire’s CO2 decaffeinated teas - my god these people sell wonderfully flavoured teas. In addition they are thoroughly decent people.
I now have a drink in addition to water, and it doesn’t trigger any of my addictions. I’m drinking all their CO2 decaffeinated teas - they are all absolutely amazing.
I’m also really enjoying making them and perfecting them.
Their tea caddies also work - keep all the teas’ flavours
Wonderful company, wonderful people


This is an exquisite cup of tea; what I love especially is the hint of ginger that comes through the tea without overwhelming it. The service from Teacakes of Yorkshire was, as ever, top quality.



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