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Tea Gift Set Young Pu-erh Loose Leaf 100g


Wrapped Gift Set Details

100g of your chosen loose leaf tea packed in a foil-lined natural kraft bag inside a metal matt black Airseal caddy with neoprene seal for perfect freshness, 

measuring 14cm tall and 8.7cm in diameter and holding approximately 150g of tea when full.

 1 x very pretty and useful strainer in an arts and crafts style known as Empress net weight 31g and measuring 10.7 cm across complete with 

stainless steel drip bowl to catch all the drips 

1x 18-10 quality polished stainless steel deep rounded teaspoon which is ideal for measuring the correct amount of loose-leaf tea to make a perfect cuppa tea.

Weighing 29.3g and measuring 12.7 cm it fits perfectly into our Airseal tea caddy.

All wrapped in a sturdy reusable kraft presentation box with ribbon, bow and tag (Christmas tag from 1 Nov to 22 Dec and plain red rest of year unless requested)

Young Pu-erh

Famed for its health properties and having a character described as elemental, musty and with dank earthy tones.

During the 1200's the troops of Kubla Khan are said to have introduced Pu-erh to the rest of China for its medicinal value. Pu-erh is often taken for the relief of indigestion and dysentery but has also been reported as very useful in the reduction of cholesterol.
The leaves come from the Yunnan Dayeh variety of tea tree - which is purported to be closely related to the original tea tree of pre-glacial times.
Yunnan Province/China
Yunnan Province/China
Studies in Japan indicated that all tea lowered cholesterol and that Pu-erh was more effective than green tea. Chinese tea for health report that Pu-erh can; “cut the grease, help digestion, promote body fluid secretion, quench the thirst, invigorate the spleen and dispel alcoholic toxins" How effective Pu-erh is for the various claims that researchers and tea drinkers make have not been firmly established by medical professionals, but we know of family, friends and hundreds of customers who are convinced!, what is certain is that Pu-erh is rather unusual and has properties many other teas do not share.
Method of production is:
The leaves are picked, rolled, and withered in the hot sun, after which they are steamed and pressed into cakes. This Pu-erh is broken up out of the cakes to make it easier to deal with. The steaming process generates some moisture and when compressed (without drying) into the cakes, over time the tea takes on a musty and earthy character. Pu-erh which gets somewhat mouldy before it naturally dries is considered the best. Pu-erh is then stored for years. As with wine, young Pu-erh is considered the least valuable whereas Pu-erh 5 years or older is more highly prized. The taste of put-erh becomes more mellow with age and perhaps more acceptable to the Western palate.

The flavour has been described as mellow, however, those not accustomed to it might not enjoy the old character.
  its flavour will add to its aura of wonder and seem fitting in a tea prized for its medicinal properties, it is well worthy of a place in any collection.

Origin: China

Ingredients: Black tea (Pu-erh style)

Region: Yunnan Province

Caffeine Guide: Medium

Growing Altitudes: 1500 – 4900 feet above sea level

Antioxidant Content: Medium

Grade: Pu-erh 1 year vintage

Infusion Colour: Dull, black

Process: Special Pu-erh process, Handcrafted.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joanna Wheaton (Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, FR)

This Yunnan tea is delicate but full bodied...I love it.

Ms Phillips (South Hayling, GB)

Iv never tasted this tea before, it's truly unique like all your teas , wonderful taste I have it as my first cup of tea in the morning, and occasionally during the day. I drink probably far too much tea of different sorts freon Tea cakes, so I limit myself to two of Pu - erh to leave room for other favourites .

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