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Two Doves Silver Needle Tea White Loose Leaf 100g



Two Doves Silver Needle

A premium-grade tea that has exquisite haunting hints of peach with a clean lasting finish. Non-fermented, traditional process, naturally withered and dried, small batch crafted and hand sorted.

"Silvery buds coated in a light down resembles doves
wings while the flavour is light"

For the world's top tea collectors, Fujian's Fuding County holds a special place as the home of the world's finest white teas. Each has its own special characteristics resulting from the unique soil conditions, rain, sunlight, tea genus, production method and story. 

Fujian Province /China

Fujian Province /China

Fuding County's many “tea stories” would make the region a required stop for the world's top storytellers. One of the lesser known of these tales has to do with 2 Doves Silver Needle, a fabulously delicate “buds only” white plucked from a Fujian genus known as Fuding Da Hao. 
The story behind this tea took place during the Qing Dynasty in 1739 AD.) A tea grower and his family found themselves indebted to a mercenary who lived in a neighbouring county and had protected them during a local squabble. The mercenary told the grower that he had one year to pay back the debt he owed or he would claim their daughter. Faced with the prospect of giving his only daughter to be the man's concubine, the grower began to pray.
After a few weeks, the grower and his wife both had the same dream. In the dream, a pair of doves told them that in the morning, two real doves would appear on the farm gate. They should follow the birds deep into the woods where they would find an area of undiscovered wild tea. From this tea, they were to pluck only the top downy buds and process in a special new style that would help them make enough money to save their daughter. 
The next morning, just as the doves had said, the grower and his wife found the wild tea. 

They plucked as many baskets as they could carry and brought them back to their house where they set to processing them, 3 days later they brought the tea to
market and made enough money in one day to pay back their debt. From that day forward they called their new tea 2 Doves Silver Needle. Whether or not you choose to believe it, the amazing qualities of this tea can't be disputed. The flavour is light, sweet and loaded with nuance - a wonderful tea to add to your collection.

Two Doves Silver Needle Tea is one of the rarest, beautiful and most sought-after teas in the world. Drinking it is like drinking a very fine wine or champagne, each sip to be savoured and enjoyed. A real treat for yourself or an appreciative friend.

Origin: China
Caffeine Guide: Low
Region: Fujian Province
Antioxidant Content: High
Growing Altitudes: 1500 – 4900 feet above sea level
  Appearance: Buds only
Grade: Silver Needle Special
infusion Colour: Shimmering light yellow notes 
Ingredients: White tea
Taste: Flavour is light and sweet
  Process: Non-fermented, Traditional process, Naturally withered and dried,
Small batch crafted, Hand sorted.

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