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Tea Gift Set Rose Congou Flavoured Loose Leaf 100g


Wrapped Gift Set Details

100g of your chosen loose leaf tea packed in a foil lined natural kraft bag inside a metal matt black Airseal caddy with neoprene seal for perfect freshness, 

measuring 14cm tall and 8.7cm diameter and holding approximately 150g of tea when full.

 1 x very pretty and useful strainer in an arts and crafts style known as Empress net weight 31g and measuring 10.7 cm across complete with 

stainless steel drip bowl to catch all the drips 

1x 18-10 quality polished stainless steel deep rounded teaspoon which is ideal for measuring the correct amount of loose leaf tea to make a perfect cuppa tea.

Weighing 29.3g and measuring 12.7 cm it fits perfectly into our Airseal tea caddy.

All gift wrapped in a sturdy reusable kraft presentation box with ribbon, bow and tag (Christmas tag from 1 Nov to 22 Dec and plain red rest of year unless requested)

Rose Congou - Emperor

Rose Congou, The Emperor of Teas is just so good it makes you smile after every sip. A non-broken black tea from China, complex and rich its character is exquisitely delicate when infused

Congou is now the generic name for a quality black China tea, but the original Chinese words...  

(kong hu te) translated means (elaborately prepared tea)

Scented teas have been around for a long time and are produced from recipes passed down through the ancestors, before essential oils were available rose was one of the easiest scents to absorb, the blooms would be collected from all around the plantation and scattered liberally into the tea, today the process is the same apart from natural oils are used to speed up and regulate the process ensuring a consistently great taste.

China/Fujian Province

China/Fujian Province

The finest tea is layered with rose petals in carefully monitored conditions to absorb the scent of the flowers as the traditional method. When opening the bag the natural fragrance instantly fills the room. This would be a good welcome to the world of floral tea for the newcomer, but be warned scented tea will never be the same again.

Origin: China Caffeine Guide: Medium

Region: Fujian Province

Antioxidant Content: High

Growing Altitudes: 1500 – 4900 feet above sea level

Infusion Colour: Light with touch of coppery colour

Grade: FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe)

Aroma: Floral - roses

Process: Orthodox (Traditional leafy), Small batch crafted.

Ingredients: Black tea, and Rose petals.

Taste: This tea is layered 5 times with rose petals, which give the tea a delicate and ethereal rose character

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Sagun Lama (Dublin, IE)
customer service

if you're thinking of buying from outside of the UK, think about it again. Chances are they wont look after your customs charge (hidden cost).
Customer service is there, but wont reply to your query, too busy i guess. The delivery company they partner with (Royal Mail), i'd love to avoid both companies in the future.
In summary, 1 delivery completely missing, gave them another chance cause i liked the product before and since it was only a small order, i didnt want to make a fuss of it. Now another order, didnt hear about my order for 10 days, and got an email from post office saying i need to pay customs charge. Companies like you is why i like to avoid ordering online.

Sally Mayne (Radlett, GB)
Beautiful delicate tea

I love this tea as it’s delicate in flavour, with a subtle hint of rose. Lovely drank black or with a dash of skimmed milk. The best rose tea I can find

Hannah G. (Minehead, GB)
Amazing Tea

This tea is amazing, brews to a beautiful colour, smells fantastic and has a delicious, mildly floral, slightly citrus taste.
This is my new favourite tea.
Also delivery was nice and quick.

Violet Ash (Bromsgrove, GB)
Love in a cup

This tea is truly beautiful, I tried a sample through a subscription box and I couldn't resist ordering a bigger bag. It manages to be both refreshing yet warming and soothing at the same time and can be drank any time of day. A lovely cup of tea

Andrew, London (Edgware, GB)
Distinct rose flavour anmd aroma

Unlikethe rose congou or rose pouchong sold by some other suppliers, this has a really distinct rose flavour and aroma. Quite 'scenty', as you might expect, but it makes a refreshing change for an afternoon tea.

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