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Tea Gift Set Queens China Oolong Rolled 100g


Wrapped Gift Set Details

100g of your chosen loose leaf tea packed in a foil-lined natural kraft bag inside a metal matt black Airseal caddy with neoprene seal for perfect freshness, measuring 14cm tall and 8.7cm diameter and holding approximately 150g of tea when full.

 1 x very pretty and useful strainer in an arts and crafts style known as Empress net weight 31g and measuring 10.7 cm across complete with stainless steel drip bowl to catch all the drips 

1x 18-10 quality polished stainless steel deep rounded teaspoon which is ideal for measuring the correct amount of loose-leaf tea to make a perfect cuppa tea.

Weighing 29.3g and measuring 12.7 cm it fits perfectly into our Airseal tea caddy.

All wrapped in a sturdy reusable kraft presentation box with ribbon, bow and tag (Christmas tag from 1 Nov to 22 Dec and plain red rest of year unless requested)

Queen's China Oolong

There is no doubt this is one of the best Oolongs in the world, every sip is packed with flavour, so why not indulge yourself with the tastes and aromas befitting of an Empress?

While most people associate Imperial China with its long succession of Emperors, Empress Dowager Longyu, lived from 1868 to 1913 and her favourite tea was known to be a Dan Chong grade Oolong.

This Dowager prized Dan Cong is grown and manufactured exclusively in Guangdong Province, for its ability to naturally imitate the fragrances and flavours of the various fruits and flowers that grow near the tea gardens. Longyu's favourite was Queen's China Oolong. This remarkable tea boasts clean, delicate notes of orchid–balanced astringency and a long clean finish.
(Like all Oolong teas, Queen's Oolong is semi-fermented, meaning it falls somewhere between green and black teas in terms of colour, strength and flavour.)
Guangdong Province/China

Guangdong Province/China

Producing Oolong is an intricate process that involves rolling freshly plucked leaf followed by a brief fermentation period.
Once the leaves have begun to turn brown, they are fired under high heat to capture the unique and highly intricate flavour profiles.

A great thing about Oolong is that the shorter firing captures more of the floral and fruity character. Longer firing produces teas with a richer, amber cup and bakery notes.
Many Dan Cong varieties are noted for their various characters - orange blossom, almond, ginger, etc

From the first sip, it becomes abundantly clear why this tea was a royal favourite. Perfectly proportionate with zingy lingering floral notes. Words really do fall short attempting to describe this tea, why not treat yourself or a friend to this sublime tea and leave a review with your taste notes.

Origin: China

Ingredients: Oolong tea

Region: Guangdong Province

Caffeine Guide: Low

Growing Altitudes: 1000 – 2500 feet above sea level

Antioxidant Content: High

Grade: Dan Chong Xiang Xue

Infusion Colour: Tending light amber

 Process: Semi-fermented, Traditional process, small batches

Taste: Bright orchid-like flavour

batch crafted and formed, Hand sorted. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ruby (Shebbear, GB)
A gift

Sorry I’m giving this as a gift so I’m unable to say yes it is as good as all other TeaCakes teas

John M (Bourton on the Water, GB)

Pleasant tea, good service

feenee (Swindon, GB)
Very refreshing

This one is as described, very nice and refreshing, unusual but probably because it's the first time I've tried an Oolong tea! I drank it without adding anything and enjoyed it. I feel that it's hard to describe without giving it a try. (I got this as part of the Specialty tea taster pack)

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