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Jasmine Pearls Tea Green Taster Sample Rolled 10g


 Jasmine Dragon Tears

A rich, soothing cup of indulgence this little treat is as good for you as it tastes. Jasmine Dragon Tears are made from the top two leaves and the bud of new season growth (Late March /early April). These delicate leaves are then carefully hand rolled into the small pearls.

Upon infusion, you will see the top two leaves and bud come to life and unfurl. The Small ‘hairy down’ on the bud of the leaves is a sign of the highest quality and delicate handling. A pale peachy gold colour, the cup is aromatic and relaxing.

The extraordinary flavour of these Jasmine Dragon tears is due to the time of plucking, manufacture and the fresh spring jasmine blooms. The new tea season starts in China in late March/early April and it is during the first 4 weeks that the best teas are made. After this initial period, the quality of the teas and green leaf start to deteriorate rapidly and become quite ordinary.
Dragon Tears are only made from tea plucked in the first 3 weeks of the new season, coinciding with the jasmine spring bloom carefully selected individual plants are chosen for the most fragrant blossoms to use. These fresh flowers are layered between the tea and in the goodness of time the intense and uplifting fragrance of the new jasmine blooms is passed on to the tea, leaving the bag open is enough to scent a whole room.

China /Fujian Province

China /Fujian Province
We all know that Green teas are very healthy, not so many people know that Jasmine is also very good for you. It is great for relieving nervous tension, a remarkable soothing tea, ideal for busy people who would like to relax.
An extraordinary taste experience! Jasmine also helps break down saturated fat, reduces cholesterol and improves circulation.

Upon tasting, you will get sweet jasmine first, and then a remarkable fruity flavour. Velvety smooth and bursting with flavour why not enchant your guests by brewing some Jasmine Dragon Tears in one of our glass teapots so they can enjoy the spectacle?

Origin: China

Caffeine Guide: Low

Region: Fujian Province

Antioxidant Content: High

Growing Altitudes: 1500-4900 feet above sea level

Infusion Colour: Pale green liquor

Grade: Tea pearls with delicate jasmine scent

Aroma: Floral - Jasmine

Process: Steamed green tea and hand rolled

Taste: Smooth & delicate and pleasing jasmine character

Appearance: Hand rolled into small pearls, infuse and see the top two leaves and the bud come to life

Ingredients: Green tea, and Jasmine petals.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Chris Colborne (Bristol, GB)

Great taste.

Lesley Smith (Mansfield, GB)
Lovely tea, just the right balance of flavour

I have been buying a big high street brand of Jasmine tea, but felt the taste was getting bitter. Found this online and purchased a sample, wow beautiful gentle tea, taste lovely, will need to buy a bigger bag now. Try a sample order first if you are not sure,


Ooh this is lovley, delicate yet aromatic. One for special occasions.

James Moore (London, GB)
The best

With out doubt the best jasmine green tea I have ever had .

Tricia Blackwell (Eastbourne, GB)

I love Jasmine tea and always have it when I go out for a meal. Not being out for the last few years, I went out and we had a pot of this fragrant-smelling tea. The next day I was on a mission to find the real thing and guess what I landed on the ideal place "Teacakes of Yorkshire" I was rewarded - bliss

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