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Jasmine Blossom

Jasmine tea is one of the most widely loved green teas available with an unmistakable floral bouquet, in China, they call this tea ‘Jasmine #1’.
We have captured the powerful sweetness to give our blend its full yet soft aroma, then enhanced with the addition of jasmine blossoms to give the tea a
 stunning visual appeal.
 It is important, to begin with, high-quality green tea that has been produced between the middle of March and the middle of May.
Equally important for jasmine tea are fine jasmine blossoms - only flowers that bloom between the 1st of May and the end of May
  (these have the most intense aroma).
There are many different grades of jasmine tea. This particular grade is the first grade below the exotic jasmines.
It has all the flavour, aroma and great green tea qualities but not the expensive price.
China /Fujian Province
China /Fujian Province
Traditionally Jasmine flowers are picked on an evening, the scent in the still air is rousing and spirituous, then layered with leaves of fine green tea, in time the scent of jasmine permutated the tea.
Today, hot air is passed through the jasmine blossoms and then filtered through the tea so that the blossoms can be used several times, the blossoms are then used to decorate the tea. Produced in both China and Taiwan, Jasmine tea yields a cup with all the concentrated heady bouquet of a garden in bloom.
The result is a tea of beauty and elegance that will captivate your senses with a powerful sweetness that gives our blend its full yet soft aroma.

Origin: China 

Ingredients: Green tea, and Jasmine flowers

Region: Fujian Province

Caffeine Guide: Low

Growing Altitudes: 1500 – 4900 feet above sea level

Antioxidant Content: High

Grade: Jasmine Grade #1

Infusion Colour: Pale green liquor

Aroma: Floral character accentuated by specially selected May Jasmine blossoms.

Process: Steamed green tea

Wrapped Gift Set Details

100g of your chosen loose leaf tea in a metal matt black Airseal caddy

Arts and Crafts style Empress tea strainer with drip bowl

One perfect cup of tea measuring spoon quality 18/10 s steel

All gift wrapped in a sturdy reusable kraft presentation box with ribbon and tag (Christmas tag from 1 Nov to 22 Dec and plain red rest of year unless requested)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Repeat purchase

Delicious and refreshing tea. First choice for an evening cup of tea. Prompt delivery on all my orders.

Another successful order

I have placed many orders for Green Tea and every one has been a success. Even when I made a mistake on my post code this did not prevent my jasmine green tea from arriving on time and well packaged. Keep it up Tea Cakes.

Great tea

I drink this tea as an alternative to Darjeeling or Lapsong Souchon at lunchtime or in the afternoon. In the late evening it is my first choice. I agree with Roger Draper's review below. below

Great Tea At The Right Price

I've bought green jasmine flower tea from several sources on the internet and this tea is as good as you'll get. You could possibly pay a lot more for the same tea at a much more inflated price. Great tea and great price - you can't go wrong

Simply the best

I drink this lovely tea daily. I fill my tea bottle in the morning, lovely drinkable temperature by the time I get to work and stays warm for an hour or so then re-fill and brew the same leaves twice more during the day for a refreshing drink. This tea helped me give up coffee and I feel 100% better for it. Tried other Jasmine blends but this one is the best. My 1Kg order lasts me 6 months and so is also very good value.
Always excellent delivery time, packaging etc. and I love to see what my free 'taster' is each time.

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