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Camomile & Lemongrass 50g Gift Caddy Herbal Infusion


Camomile & Lemongrass 

An amazing combination of both looks and taste a stunningly bright and sublimely balanced flavour.

Camomile means "earth-apple"
(referring to the apple-like scent of the flower).


"Light and flavourful lemon character tempered with hints of apple and Camomile."


The Roman legions would be prescribed camomile to treat stomach complaints and calm nerves. Today we have lots of evidence to support the claim that camomile possesses anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties and may have clinical applications in the treatment of stress and insomnia.


Native to warm temperate and tropical regions of the world, Lemongrass is a tall perennial grass its oil is used as a natural pesticide, and can be planted in domestic gardens to keep insects away, also as a preservative having antifungal properties. Despite its ability to repel insects, the oil is commonly used as a "lure" as the pheromone created by the honeybee's gland, in trapping swarms or attempting to draw the attention of hived bees.
Ancient Eastern belief holds that Lemongrass possesses the power to induce psychic abilities, enabling people to read minds and have visions of the future. Current Eastern folk beliefs are more practical and maintain that the plant is effective for easing jet lag, indigestion and headaches.

 On its own, Camomile produces a sweetish cup with notes of honey and subtle tones of fruit. Lemongrass which contains citronella produces a cup that is fresh and herbal with light touches of bitter lemon and lighter touches of orange. Together they produce a heavenly blend that's so refreshing and relaxing for lazy summer afternoons.

Origin: Egypt / Thailand

Caffeine Guide: None

Region: Nile River Delta / Sing Buri

Antioxidant Content: Low

Growing Altitudes: 1 – 500 feet above sea level

Infusion Colour: Refreshing yellow bright

Grade: 1st Grade

Aroma: Fruity

Process: Traditional

Taste: Light and flavourful lemon character

Ingredients: Camomile petals, and Lemongrass. tempered with spring fresh hints of apple and Camomile

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

This one I'm on the fence about, is it a nice tea, yes... Is it one I'll be buying in the future, probably not, I've enjoyed it, but not to the same level as honey and liquorice. This is not the fault of the tea, as taste is purely subjective, what one person enjoys, another may not.

Another well presented product, and shipped on time, so either way I'm a happy customer, on another note, the free samples are a brilliant touch... But no more flural ones please... Many thanks

Su T (Bognor Regis, GB)
Calming start to the day

I cannot start the day without a cup of this Camomile and Lemongrass tea. Just puts me in the right mood to start the day. Also very good at other times of day, but that first cup is always the best!!

Paul Holzherr (Haywards Heath, GB)
Interesting blend

Chamomile tea is an old favourite and who can forget Peter Rabbit being infused with this tea by his mother when he was feeling poorly. For me personally, this tea always tasted a bit too medicinal, but this blend with lemongrass is interesting. The lemongrass adds a pleasing zesty citrus contrast to the more earthy chamomile and this combination results in an enhanced flavour with more character.

Ann Hardwick (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
Beautiful decaff green tea

The decaff green tea is lovely - I have it every day after my dog walking and am on my second batch. The chamomile and lemon grass I have yet to try but feel assured that it too will be well appreciated. Thankyou for good service.

Anne Radford (Amersham, GB)
Refreshing chamomile drink

I use the empty tea bags that can be bought on the site with this tissane to brew chamomile tea as the flowers stick to the filter a bit. The lemongrass adds a lovely extra dimension. Nice evening drink. Often top up the pot for a second cup. Nicer and better value than bought versions of chamomile tea. Also makes iced tea.

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