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Tea Caddy Black Tin Food Airtight Storage Spices (£6.95 inc VAT)


TeaCakes of Yorkshire Matt Black Airseal Tea Caddy

As with all our products they must look good, be of the best quality and work well, our tea caddies are no exception. Although all steps in the supply of good tea are important the one most single important and generally most overlooked is the storage in the consumer’s home.

We have tested many caddies for leakage of air and moisture over the years and sadly we have found although looking good most of the tin caddies with hinged, slip or push top lids are woefully inadequate for the job, allowing constant seepage of air causing the contents to spoil far too quickly.

This caddy measures 14cm tall (just big enough for the special spoon to be kept in) and 8.7cm diameter holding approximately 150g of tea when full. As you pick it up, it feels sturdy and when you open it, and subsequently securely clip it closed again you  hear a reassuring vacuum noise from the neoprene seal embedded in the lid.

It seems crazy to spend money on great tea. only to have it go stale quicker due to poor storage. We wanted to preserve the teas full taste and all the beneficial properties as long as possible, and in this caddy we have achieved that. You will notice the difference of freshness in your tea even after only a few weeks, with every spoonful absolutely as good as the first

Don’t take our word for it we offer a full refund if you are dissatisfied in anyway.

We love tea ! if you don’t buy this caddy perhaps think about how you could store your tea better. 

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