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Tea Gift Set Lavender Butterfly Green Loose 100g


Wrapped Gift Set Details

100g of your chosen loose leaf tea packed in a foil-lined natural kraft bag inside a 

metal matt black Airseal caddy with neoprene seal for perfect freshness, measuring 14cm tall and 8.7cm diameter and holding approximately 150g of tea when full.

 1 x very pretty and useful strainer in an arts and crafts style known as Empress net weight 31g and measuring 10.7 cm across complete with 

stainless steel drip bowl to catch all the drips 

1x 18-10 quality polished stainless steel deep rounded teaspoon which is ideal for measuring the correct amount of loose-leaf tea to make a perfect cuppa tea.

Weighing 29.3g and measuring 12.7 cm it fits perfectly into our Airseal tea caddy.

All wrapped in a sturdy reusable kraft presentation box with ribbon, bow and tag (Christmas tag from 1 Nov to 22 Dec and plain red rest of year unless requested)

Lavender Butterfly

The Tibetan Plateau, where the Lavender used in this remarkable tea blend is grown, could easily be listed as one of the great wonders of natural the world.


The Plateau, often called the Rooftop of the World is about 4 times the size of France and stretches out between the magnificent peaks of the Himalayas at an average elevation of over 4500 meters. The plateau is home to brackish lakes, tundra, and grasslands, and is the third least inhabited corner of the world after Antarctica and Greenland.
Still, from this arid vastness, nomadic tribesmen and their families have made a living, driving yaks from place to place and harvesting the best wild Lavender that grows around the lakes and grasslands under the big sky. When the flowers bloom, it is like a rippling ocean of fragrant purple. The nomad families pluck the flowers, dry them in the sun and bring them down from the mountains, usually into Lhasa. While the adults work, the children amuse themselves by trying to catch the many butterflies that are attracted to the fragrant flowers.

While it may seem hard to believe, a species of butterfly is native to the Himalayas and has adapted to the high altitudes. From one range to the next, 
various species occur meaning that the butterflies in one area exist nowhere else. The sight of the pluckers’ children chasing after the multi-hued insects is one of magic 
and delight.  
 It’s an amazing tea from an amazing corner of the earth, the cup is second to none with notes of sweet grass, moss and honey leading to 
a finish sprinkled with peach, and floral tones.
Hunan Province/China
Hunan Province/China


The finest Hunan green tea is expertly blended with freshly picked Lavender to produce this outstanding blend.
 " an excellent dessert tea" Perfectly balanced with a superior flavour that's a must try for all lavender lovers.

Origin: China

Ingredients: Green tea, and Lavender petals

Region: Hunan Province

Caffeine Guide: Low

Growing Altitudes: 1500 – 4500 feet above sea level

Antioxidant Content: Ultra High

Grade: Mao Jian Green

Infusion Colour: Bright, green

Process: Traditional

Aroma: Floral

Taste: Notes of sweet grass, moss and leading to a finish sprinkled with peach

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A.M. (Newton Aycliffe, GB)
Quick delivery

Good product, definitely get the lavender. Good comms. Quick delivery

Tim Farnhill (York, GB)
A tea that continues to impress

A balance of the acidity of green tea with the sweetness of lavender results in a refreshing cup of tea. For me, it has a rural quality to the taste - it reminds me of the outdoors. Beautiful cuppa from a fantastic supplier - we will be back for more!


I am a returning customer and Teacakes of Yorkshire has not let me down - this is absolutely delicious tea.

Anonymous (Stockport, GB)
Good stuff

I'm no tea expert but I keep coming back to it so I guess it's alright.

Hath (Leicester, GB)
My Favourite Tea

As a lavander fan I've been on a hunt for my favourite lavender based tea and this one is my all time winner! After receiving a sample I was hooked! It tastes and looks beautiful, arrived on time and in perfect condition! Can't recommend enough!

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