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Russian Caravan Tea Gift Caddy Black Loose Leaf 100g


Russian Caravan 

"A delicate cup with a bright nature and balanced toasty notes."

During Czar Nicholas’s time tea was the most important drink after vodka. Today the tradition continues as Russia and its newly new independent states are major consumers of tea in world terms.Tastes have changed over the years but light bright flavour teas are still in high demand in these areas. Quite often the tea is allowed to simmer and steep all day, this is one reason you need a light liquoring tea with flavour for a good Russian Caravan Tea. 
The history of this tea goes back hundreds of years, In the city of Xian in central China one can see a historical marker that is acknowledged to be the beginning of the Silk Road evoking thoughts of a different time and way of life, when trade was conducted face-to-face and merchants travelled on horseback and camel across continents to find buyers for their goods.
India / Sri Lanka / China
India / Sri Lanka / China
The arduous journey was a round trip that lasted 16 months, all the way from Asia, past the Russian borders into Europe, often returning with tea in exchange for their wares, from these was created the distinctive Russian Caravan blend, which has stood the test of time as one of the most enduringly successful blends best ever made.
Our caravan blend has been faithfully recreated from an ancient recipe and really hits the mark, 
lots of our customers have said ‘this is the best caravan tea they have tasted.
Origin: India / Sri Lanka / China
Caffeine Guide: Medium
Region: Assam + Nilgiri / Dimbula / Fujian Province
Antioxidant Content: High
Growing Altitudes: 500 – 6500 feet above sea level
Infusion Colour: Bright tending light excellent flavour
 Grade: OP (Orange Pekoe) Aroma: Smoky
Process: Orthodox (Traditional leafy)
Taste: Slightly toasty notes
Ingredients: Black tea

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