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Organic Lapsang Souchong Tea Gift Caddy 100g


Organic Lapsang Souchong

Souchong leaves, noted for their thick, rough appearance are withered over burning pine bows, placed in barrels covered with cloth and allowed to ferment. A process which has gone virtually unchanged for hundreds of years.

"A smoky sensation fills your mouth in a way no other tea possibly could."

And who came up with the idea? One story and there are many in the world of tea describes a situation aboard an English Tea Clipper in route from China. In this story, waves broke over the deck during a storm and soaked a shipment of Fujian tea.
The sailors, recognising this to be very bad for business decided to dry the tea in large pans set over a campfire and Lapsang-Souchong was born. It is important to steep Lapsang for slightly less time than you would other tea. Even for a true connoisseur, the flavour of an over-steeped Lapsang can be slightly overwhelming.
Variously compared to a burning campfire or ashtray, the flavour of Lapsang Souchong is to the uninitiated, quite an intense flavour to behold.
Fujian Province china
Fujian Province china
However, to those who know, the smoky cup of a high-quality Fujian Lapsang is second to none, a treat for the taste buds, truly one of those unique items for which there is no middle ground of appreciation. The flavour may also be enhanced with a touch of milk and sugar. 

We are pleased to offer you this superb tea, especially so considering its organic status. Unlike many inferior Lapsangs that may be grown and flavoured with chemicals, this tea is 100% natural, wonderfully smooth and has an intoxicating aroma of resinous burning wood.

Origin: China

Caffeine Guide: Medium

Region: Fujian Province

Antioxidant Content: Low

Growing Altitudes: 1500 – 4900 feet above sea level

Taste: Intense flavour

Grade: Butterfly Lapsang

Infusion Colour: Tending bright and lively
Process: Orthodox (Traditional leafy)
Aroma: Smoky
Ingredients: Black tea 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
A very good buy

Terrific quality tea, clever and quick delivery and super customer service.

Mellow and delicious

More mellow than most Lapsangs but well-rounded flavour: delicious. Tea arrived with no delays.

Lapsang souchong loose leaf

I don’t drink this tea myself but many in my family do and it has gone down really well with all. The best they’ve had. Smells amazing too. And prompt service. My order was attended to immediately and sent out quickly.

Quality tea

A repeat order because I know I will receive and enjoy quality tea. The tea is excellent as usual which is why I am a repeat customer.

Quality Tea, happy me!!

This is a great tea. Can brew week and it's bery gentle but still has that rich smokey flavour.
Or can brew strong, for a nice kick and warming feel.
Doesn't go bitter and can get 3 brew out of it.
Great value for money and a yummy lapsang, will be ordering some more.

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