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Margarets Hope Tea Darjeeling Black Loose Leaf 100g


Margaret's Hope 2nd Flush Darjeeling 

 Darjeelings are often referred to as the champagne of tea. On the foothills of the Himalayas amongst wild flowers, one of the most sought-after teas in the world is produced, having a rich balanced fruity body, and a lovely bright cup
it's a delight from this famous estate renowned for consistent highest quality.
 The bushes at Margaret’s hope are almost exclusively the Chinese Jat and tends the tippy green appearance and fragrance of the leaf, growing at high
 altitudes with cooler weather conditions produce a smaller but better quality harvest with a complex bouquet some would describe as nutty.
  The best time of year is for a developed flavour is during "second flush” (end of May-end of June) in this period Darjeeling
 are incomparable to any other tea in the world.
Established in 1859 and originally called Bara-Ringtong after the two rivers that flow through the estate. By the 1930’s the garden was owned by Mr Bagdon who 

visited regularly from London, he had two daughters the younger was called Margaret, upon visiting the garden with her father for the first time, she fell in love with

 its enchanting charm saying to her father she "hoped one day to return and make it her home."
Unfortunately, she fell ill on board ship on the journey back to England and died soon afterwards, in her memory her father renamed the estate.

 Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling is a classic Darjeeling, displaying the right balance of flavours that make this tea so prized.

 Makes a wonderful afternoon tea great with scones and preserve!.


Origin: India

Ingredients: Black tea

Region: Darjeeling

Caffeine Guide: Medium

Growing Altitudes: 3500 – 7000 feet above sea level

Antioxidant Content: Very High  

Grade: TGFOP (Tippy Golden Flavoury Orange Pekoe)

Infusion Colour: Bright tending light

Process: Orthodox (Traditional leafy)


Taste: A delicate tending astringent cup with the distinctive Muscatel 


 Character. Hints of currant create an almost wine-like taste

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Customer Reviews

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Margaret's Hope Darjeeling

Fantastic tea & excellent service again from Teacakes of Yorkshire.
Ordered on a Sunday arrived first thing Tuesday. My mom's favourite tea, she loves it! 10/10

Margaret’s Hope

Lovely flavoursome tea supplied promptly by TeaCakes of Yorkshire.

Margaret's Hope

Really enjoying my tea - delivery is also very prompt

Great tea

Probably the best darjeeling tea I have ever had. It's full of flavour and brews quickly . Smells wonderful when you open the tin.

Margaret’s Hope Tea

I love this tea, having tried Margaret’s Hope from several suppliers I have made this one my favourite for it’s richness in flavour. TeaCakesYork are a easy to order from, communicate with and provide speedy delivery. 10/10

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