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Lapsang Souchong Tea Taster Sample Loose Leaf 10g


Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1

A superior leaf Lapsang Souchong offering a unique smoky crisp character.

This special smoked tea has a robust flavour sometimes referred to as tarry and is a speciality from Fujian province.

The story goes that the smoking process was discovered by accident. During the Qing dynasty, an army took over a tea factory filled with fresh leaves awaiting processing. When the soldiers had gone they realised that to arrive at market in time, it was too late to dry the leaves in the normal way, so they lit open fires of pine wood to hasten the drying. Not only did the tea reach the market in time, but also the smoked pine flavour created a sensation!
China/Fujian Province
China/Fujian Province
For production, today leaves are first withered over fires of pine or cypress wood. After pan-firing and rolling, they are pressed into wooden barrels and covered with cloth to ferment until they give off a pleasant fragrance, the leaves are then fired again and rolled into taut strips.
Then they are placed in bamboo baskets and hung on wooden racks over smoking pine fires to dry and absorb the smoke flavour. When finished they are thick, glossy black strips, and produce a dark red drink with a unique aroma and taste. It is generally consumed with sugar or milk.

All the best Lapsang is produced in the nature preserve located in the Wuyi Mountains where the high mountains with thick pine forests and heavy mist provide the ideal environment for growing top quality tea. Depending upon one’s palate the taste can be light and intriguing or it can be heavy and overpowering.

 This spectacular example is a real treat for any connoisseur. 

Origin: China

Process: Orthodox (Traditional leafy), Small batch crafted.

Region: Fujian Province - Xingchun region    

Ingredients: Black tea

Growing Altitudes: 1500 – 4900 feet above sea level

Caffeine Guide: Medium

Seasonality: Seasonal quality (Mar. – Apr. growth)

Antioxidant Content: Low

Grade: Special Leaf Lapsang Souchong SBOPF

(Special Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Special Leaf Lapsang Souchong

Oh My Word, this tea is amazing. I absolutely love the taste and will definitely be re-ordering when it runs out, which at this rate will be soon. The service from Tea Cakes of Yorkshire was to the usual, excellent standard. Highly recommended.

Lapsang Souchong

Not sure about my reaction to this. The first pot I made was too weak. Several pots since than and still not sure. As I believe that taste buds are so individual I’m not sure how an individual reaction is or is not helpful.
Certainly excellent service from the company and I have tried 2 other teas with more certain reactions from me.

Very nice indeed

I could drink a lot of this very easily. The smoky flavour is so very refreshing.
Really good quick delivery too to get me my fix quickly!

Excellent tea, very prompt delivery

Very fine Lapsang Souchong tea.

Excellent tea, great service

I only drink one type of tea - Lapsang Souchong. I have tried many stockists who were overpriced, supplied poor quality, bitter tea, or tea that was unidentifiable as being Lapsang Souchong. Not this company. Fabulous tea, good quality, decent price, very speedy delivery as well as free shipping. A free gift of a tea caddy and just when you didn't think it could get any better, a sample sachet of some equally fabulous tea.

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