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Jasmine Blossom Tea Green Loose Leaf 100g


 Jasmine Blossom

 Jasmine tea is one of the most widely loved green teas available with an unmistakable floral bouquet, in China, they call this tea ‘Jasmine #1’.
We have captured the powerful sweetness to give our blend its full yet soft aroma then enhanced with the addition of jasmine blossoms to give the tea a stunning visual appeal.


It is important, to begin with, high-quality green tea that has been produced between the middle of March and the middle of May.
Equally important for jasmine tea are fine jasmine blossoms - only flowers that bloom between the 1st of May and the end of May
 (these have the most intense aroma).
There are many different grades of jasmine tea. This particular grade is the first grade below the exotic jasmines.
It has all the flavour, aroma and great green tea qualities but not the expensive price.
China /Fujian Province
China /Fujian Province
Traditionally Jasmine flowers are picked on an evening, the scent in the still air is rousing and spirituous, then layered
with leaves of fine green tea, in time the scent of jasmine permutated the tea.
Today, hot air is passed through the jasmine blossoms and then filtered through the tea so that the blossoms can be used several
 times, the blossoms are then used to decorate the tea. Produced in both China and Taiwan, Jasmine tea yields a cup with all the concentrated heady bouquet of a garden in bloom.
The result is a tea of beauty and elegance that will captivate your senses with a powerful sweetness that gives our blend its full yet soft aroma.

Origin: China

Ingredients: Green tea, and Jasmine flowers

Region: Fujian Province

Caffeine Guide: Low

Growing Altitudes: 1500 – 4900 feet above sea level

Antioxidant Content: High

Grade: Jasmine Grade #1

Infusion Colour: Pale green liquor

Aroma: Floral character accentuated by specially selected May Jasmine blossoms.

Process: Steamed green tea

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
My favourite tea

You can pay a great deal more for tea that is nowhere near as nice as this. The team contains plenty of jasmine blossom, so not just tea that is infused, it contains the jasmine flowers themselves and there is no shortage of them. It's a great tea at a good price. Thank you Teacakes!

Fantastic tea, fantastic service

Tea was easy to select - the web site is clear and easy to use. Delivery was timely and the tea was competitively priced. The tea is also delicious!

Jasmine Blossom Loose Leaf Tea

I first drank jasmine tea with blossoms when I was fifteen almost fifty years ago. I used to buy it served from a japanned canister, weighed in scales on a mahogany counter and then hand wrapped in white paper from a wonderful old tea merchant in Wolverhampton called WTM Snape. I can still remember the exquisite fragrance and the sheer pleasure of watching the dried jasmine blossoms unfold in the teapot.
I was utterly delighted when I first tried the jasmine blossom loose leaf green tea from TeaCakes. I was immediately taken back over four decades to the delightful scent and pale, delicate flowers of real jasmine tea. This tea really is quite splendid; it is light, it is pleasing, it is fragrant without being overbearing, it is refreshing and it revitalises a flagging spirit. I cannot recommend it more highly.

Repeat purchase

Delicious and refreshing tea. First choice for an evening cup of tea. Prompt delivery on all my orders.

Another successful order

I have placed many orders for Green Tea and every one has been a success. Even when I made a mistake on my post code this did not prevent my jasmine green tea from arriving on time and well packaged. Keep it up Tea Cakes.

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