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Black Tea Taster Samples Loose Leaf 8 x 10g


 8 x 10g Black Loose Leaf Tea Samples

TeaCakes Own Blend

Full, strong and rich, perfectly balanced, bright golden cup a truly satisfying Yorkshire blend.

Russian Caravan

A delicate cup with a bright nature and balanced toasty notes, one of the most successful blends ever made.

English Breakfast

An outstanding breakfast blend with a well-balanced full body and a satisfying finish.


‘Champagne of Ceylon’ A bright coppery light cup with an exquisitely rounded nature 

Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1

Superior leaf tea offering a unique smoky crisp character producing a dark red colour. 

Organic Imperial Keemun

A golden red cup, crisp and lively with flavourful burgundy notes and hints of oak. 

Organic Lapsang Souchong

Crisp and smooth with an overwhelming aroma of oak and pine fires. 100% natural.

Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling 2nd Flush

A rich balanced fruity body and a lovely bright cup from this famous estate renowned for its consistent quality

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great way to try new teas

The tea selection I've just had is great. I was looking to find a really interesting and earthy tea as an alternative to coffee but knew so little about where to start. Lapsang Souchang is my new favourite thing but then I'm only a few flavours in. Russian Caravan is pretty good too. Better value and range than other selections I've seen.


We haven't actually tried the tea samples yet as they're a gift, but the loose leaf decaff Earl Grey and the TeaCakes own blend that we ordered at the same time are simply delicious - refreshing, and as quick to make as a bag if using an in-cup diffuser. Having learned about the plastics used in teabags, I'm never going back, and will be ordering more supplies from TeaCakes soon.

Great selection for making decisions

I couldn't have loved this pack more - fantastic range, enough to get more than one cup from each to try, and it's already made me order big sizes of two if the samples and I've not even tried them all yet.
Also loved the really quick service.

Black tea taster pack

Ordered as a gift for my friend's birthday. Arrived promptly and the packaging was lovely. I don't yet know what she thought of the teas.

Black tea taster

Ordered the taster selection to switch over to loose leaf tea and am loving trying the different types. Samples are a really good size so you get a lot of tea in each one. Will definitely buy again

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